Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Blog Feature - MagikWidget

I'm testing out MagikWidgets today, a new blog plug-in that generates polls and ratings, with a the promise of more widgets to come.

The Magic Widget public beta launched today. MagikWidget gets a thorough and positive review from John Unger of Typepad Hacks and Guy Kawaski has some nice things to say about MagikWidget, too.

My initial impressions are:
  • the template code is very easy to install
  • instructions on the site are clear
  • polls are very easy to set up
  • their pricing structure is reasonable
  • they've done a particularly nice job of presenting a conversational tone on their website
My only complaint is the really strong branding they've done. They've done a great job for *themselves*, but I would recommend against MagikWidget to my corporate clients, so that they don't dilute their *own* brands. I hope MagikWidget will consider something like a "premium" version in the future where users can pay a higher credit rate to remove the MagikWidget name from the link.

I'll be putting up a poll in a separate post for you to check out.

If you'd like an easy way to add polls to your blog, MagikWidget is worth checking out.

I emailed MagikWidget with a very minor and non-urgent tech support question...and I received a reply in *minutes.* I'm really impressed, folks. Keep up the great work!