Friday, June 02, 2006

Republican-lite Rides (Yet) Again?

Alice Marshall made a great catch and pointed out yesterday that a lot of Jim Webb's endorsements come from the DLC crowd.

I admit I am unnerved by this. I had hoped that the stench of the John Kerry loss in 2004 might put the DLC/DINO crowd's illusion of credibility to rest definitively.

Rhetorical question #1: why are Democrats afraid to stand up and be Democrats?

From the perspective of professional branding, the whole DLC strategy of run-to-the-rightward-sliding-so-called-middle to proclaim, "Vote for us, because we're just like them, only not quite as bad"...well, it stinks. It's like Pepsi saying, "We're embarassed that we're actually just Pepsi, so let's put it this way: we're almost as good as Coke."

Rhetorical question #2: has anyone noticed that the Republican used a 30 year culture war to shift the country right to line up with the party's most extreme base elements -- and now, in response, the Democratic party is chasing the country instead of standing their ground and fighting to bring the country back to American values?

Go ahead and re-read von Clausewitz or Sun Tzu if you're not sure which is the more effective strategy.

I'll be happy when the institutional Democratic machine gets past these pathologic self-esteem issues and decide to run as Democrats again--and send the DLC home to the Republican party where they belong.