Saturday, September 02, 2006

Permission-based political marketing with Pheeder

Oliver at MobileCrunch has published a great write-up entitled One Call Reaches All with Pheeder -- a company that lets you run public, opt-in lists to receive broadcast phone messages (or alternatively, your own private lists).

The service is free.

My first reaction? -- drop your campaign robocall spam, and replace it with tailored, opt-in GOTV reminder calls through Pheeder.

(My second reaction? -- brilliant opt-in tool to broadcast campaign volunteer opportunity updates.)

I know, I know: campaign culture is so wedded to spam via its direct mail blood line that campaigns won't switch to opt-in models, yet--but at the very least Pheeder could provide a free *supplement* to a campaign's premium telephone broadcast tools.

Full disclosure: I have no bu$ine$$ relationship with Pheeder at all. I also haven't used the product directly myself -- I'm basing my reactions on MobileCrunch's excellent article. And, I'm always intrigued by ways that campaigns, particularly downballot campaigns, can make use of *cost-effective* technology tools to gain a competitive advantage through working more effeciently and effectively.